Unleashing the Art Form Madeline Denaro's Organized Chaos By Rachel Galvin

Inner Cirlces/Outer Worlds...solo exhibit Cheryl Hazan Gallery NYC

Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Madeline Denaro.

This is the artist's fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. The show, entitled Inner Circles/Outer Worlds, is on view from October 18 through November 17, 2012.  
In her latest work, Denaro invites the viewer to explore and partake in a fanciful world of both mystery and wonder. Through what seems to be her own fabricated language, the artist engages us in a visual dialogue that seems to lure us into some unknown narrative. We journey with her into lands of introspection, self dramatizing sensation and what one might assume to be splatters of mixed emotion. Denaro makes great use of layering acrylics and polymers and very often her intentional or incidental drips are interspersed with graphic markers adding the needed element that combines both the opacity and transparency of the work. She paints from a place of process, following where the work leads her without any idea where that might be. Her work is a vehicle for making interior life visible, journeying to inner circles while living in the outer. It is from this world of organic form that Denaro leads us. As we enter, possibly through curiosity, her language seems to become more familiar, even recognizable. Somehow she permits us to be free of the need to associate, to conjure, to know; instead we actually allow the art to have an action on us – to open to what might be.


Madeline Denaro was born in the Bronx and currently lives and works in Fort Lauderdale. Actively exhibiting in the US and abroad, Denaro had a solo show at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale and had her fifth solo exhibit in Germany in June. She has been awarded the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship in 2002 and 2011, the State of Florida Enhancement Grant in 2006 and the Individual Artist Fellowship in 2012.  

Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art is located at 35 N. Moore Street in Tribeca.   Please contact the gallery at 212.343.8964 for more information or visit www.cherylhazan.com


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2011 Cultural Consortium Fellowship